We can help

The Guidance Factor can support students with their learning.

We can help with areas of study that you find difficult or are yet to master.

We can offer advice as to how to approach assessment tasks, and

We can provide helpful and honest feedback that will assist you to research, write and learn better.


Essay writing

Many students find essay writing challenging.  We can assist you to improve your writing skills by offering helpful advice with

• Essay planning and structure

• Character definition

• Maintaining a consistent thesis

• Tips for keeping the reader in suspense

• Improved expression and linguistic style

• Tips for writing that flows and is pleasing to read


Homework/Assignment review

Sometimes the scope of an assignment can be so generalised that you do not know where to begin or how to lay it out.  We can help by breaking the task down into more manageable steps and by asking you questions that will help you to think about the different ways you could present the information.

Quite often students might have great ideas but they fail to have the desired impact on the reader because the structure of the argument is poorly conceived.

Imagine if you could give someone your work to read before you have to hand it in, and they provided the right bit of advice to help you write something even better. Or maybe you would just like some reassurance that the essay that you think is good, is actually well written and you have addressed all of the criteria.

Imagine no more. Through our Homework Hub you can submit your efforts at your homework and class assignments. We can review them for you and give you our honest opinion in the form of a written report.  You can also elect to have the work formally assessed using our internal rating system (Likely Grade).


Try our review system for free

We want you to feel comfortable about using our services, so we are offering you the opportunity to have one piece of work reviewed for free.

So, as a special thank you for registering with The Guidance Factor, we will credit your account with a welcome gift of 5 credits.


We really like special requests

Is there anything else that we could help you with, no matter how seemingly trivial or unorthodox?

Do you want to know the answer to a question which requires more than a cursory search on Wikipedia?

We are here to help and we will give it our best shot. We cannot promise the Earth, but we can try to find out anything about it!

We will not charge you if we are unable to help or we cannot find the answers you are looking for. Guaranteed.

  • Tell us, we may still be able to help you out.
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