What is The Guidance Factor ?

The Guidance Factor is an online interactive tutoring service which also undertakes special requests for information and/or research. For information about the services that we offer click here.  If we have not listed the service that you require, we are very happy to consider special requests. Contact us by clicking here.

Who owns The Guidance Factor ?

The Guidance Factor is owned and operated by Andrew Hunter. To read more about Andrew click here.

How can you help me ?

The Guidance Factor offers support and advice to all students.

If you are unable to complete a homework task or could benefit from having it reviewed before handing it in to your teacher, then we can offer help and advice.

If you feel you are falling behind in your studies, or you need extra tutoring in particular subjects, we can help.

We can be of most assistance to students who care about how they are performing and who strive to do their best.



What about my personal details ?

The Guidance Factor undertakes to keep the personal details of registered users confidential.  We only seek the following information at registration; the name that you prefer to be called, the state where you live, what year you are studying and a contact telephone number/email address. There is no need to provide us with your street address, or the name of your school or teacher(s). All other information you provide is voluntary.

Payments are processed using PayPal™. The Guidance Factor does not have access to credit card information or your own PayPal account details.

What experience do you have in formal teaching ?

I am not a qualified teacher. I have however been employed at tertiary level in a role that required me to teach. I have an excellent academic record. I also have a very broad knowledge of other subjects and I know how to find the answers to questions.

How much experience do you have working with children ?

Andrew has seven years of tutoring at tertiary level and has tutored at VCE level. Andrew has also given presentations to school groups on a range of topics including gardening, trams and the Olympic games.


Do you have any advice about how to study ?

In addition to being able to send documents and receive help and advice from The Guidance Factor, registered users of the website will have access to Study Help advice and related documents. Registration on this site is free.

What is a Likely Grade and what is their purpose ?

It can be helpful to some students if they are provided with an indication as to where their efforts on a particular task might rank compared to other students of similar age.   A Likely Grade is an internal rating system used by The Guidance Factor.  Please read the following disclaimer.

Why do you prefer an online service delivery model ?

We prefer to communicate with students using the internet for a number of reasons.

Flexible for you and us

• Our website operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

• There is no need to make an appointment with us. We can respond to enquiries at a convenient time.

• There is no need to find a quiet place in your house free from disturbances such as other children or background noise

Reduced operating costs

• There is no need to charge you extra for travel costs to your house or the tutoring venue


• There are no concerns with regards to the issue of strangers coming in to your house.

More transparent

• We can allocate each student their own personal Homework Hub where they can view all the interactions they have with us

• Parents/Guardians can also choose to have access to view their child’s Homework Hub



I have purchased more credits than I require. What can I do with the remaining credits ?

Credits can be purchased in the following denominations – 5, 8, 20, 50 and 100 credits, based on A$1 per credit. Credits do not expire.

To begin with, you may wish to purchase a small amount of credits, then top up as and when needed.  It is also possible to transfer unused credits from one account to another account.

Is it okay for more than one student to use the same registration ?

We would prefer that each student has their own account.  It is possible to transfer unused credits from one account to another account.

Do you have “Working with Children” certification ?

Yes, contact me for me more information.


Do you offer general tutoring (private tutoring in my home or elsewhere in a particular subject for 45 min/1hr per lesson) ?

Contact us with your requirements.

Can I speak with Andrew over the telephone ?

Yes, but only by prior arrangement. Contact me first by email to set up a call.

Would you be available to talk to students ?

This would depend on the task and my level of knowledge. I would be happy to consider your request. Please contact me with your requirements.