How to submit a homework task or an assignment for review

1. You need to have registered with us to be able to submit work for review. Click here to register.

2. If you don’t already have your homework task or assignment available in electronic format, you will firstly need to create a document or make a scan of a hard (paper) copy.

3. Log in using the username and password you selected during sign up. You can log in at the right hand side of this page or click here.

4. On the welcome page within your login,  you will be asked to provide a few personal details so we know your name (the name that you prefer), where you live, what year you are in at either high school or university, and the subjects you are taking this year. There is also the ability to write a few lines about how you are feeling about the subjects that you find the most difficult or about school in general.

5. Click on “Homework Hub” in the top menu.

6. Click on the Add File button. Select the file from your own computer or device. The name of the file you selected should now be displayed in the File Name box.

7.  Fill in the rest of the boxes using the example shown below. It is really very important to type or copy and paste the full instructions that you received for the task.

8. Click “Upload” to send the file and the information you provided to us.

9. Upon successful receipt of your file, your work will be reviewed and some written feedback will be prepared before the date that you nominated.

10. You will receive an email notifying you that your feedback is available.  Feedback can be collected from the Homework Hub page.

Extra advice

• It is preferable for us not to know the name of your teacher and school/university to ensure an impartial evaluation of your work. If possible please delete/cover up these details before scanning/attaching your files.

• The file formats which are preferred are word documents (doc/docx), text files (rtf/txt), pdf, and jpg. Please keep uploads to a reasonable file size.

• If you have been asked to write an essay, please DO send us everything you have done in relation to this task not just the final version. Please use sub-headings such as “Essay Plan”, “First Draft” etc to make your document as clear as possible to your tutor.  Include, where possible details of the ideas and thoughts you had for preparing the essay.

Screenshot illustrating how to select your file from your computer or device


Screenshot illustrating how to fill out the Request Form


Screenshot illustrating what is displayed after uploading a file