A New Service for Students

The Guidance Factor is taking a break over the Summer Holidays.

You can still contact me through this website.


The Guidance Factor can help students to better manage their homework, reports and assignments.

Students can submit their own attempts, including their drafts/ideas and we can provide honest and helpful feedback.

Students tend to look more positively on their education if they are enjoying what they are studying.

Students can let us know which aspects of their studies they are struggling with, and we can offer advice.

We operate online so you can contact us without having to make a booking, or to fit a consultation into your schedule.


We encourage students to think about what they are doing and to figure out the answers for themselves.

We are not restricted to using conventional classroom-based teaching methods.

We will respond to submissions within a very reasonable time frame.

We will endeavour to help you but if we cannot find the information you need, we will not charge you.


No curriculum will fully meet the demands of living in a modern and technologically-driven society.

Young people will cope much better at university and beyond if they are able to learn on their own.

We help facilitate self learning by supporting students in every way possible.

Our aim is to get our students to be very comfortable with their learning and with their preparation for exams.